About Measure T in Monterey County

Vote Yes on Measure T to expand and upgrade Hartnell College classrooms, labs and technology.

Help protect and increase access to affordable higher education and job training programs in the Salinas Valley.

Students surrounding a hosptial bed during training.Hartnell College has served our community for nearly a century. Many of us and our family members attended Hartnell. Some families boast several generations of Hartnell graduates, and each year dozens of local Hartnell students become the first in their own families to attend College.

Hartnell’s specialized training, in fields like healthcare and agricultural science, support local students seeking careers, and help sustain homegrown businesses.

Today, demand for our beloved local college is increasing as the University of California and Cal-State become more expensive and less accessible for Salinas Valley residents.

Hartnell is essential for adults as well: only 60% of Salinas Valley residents over the age of 25 have earned a high school diploma. We must protect and improve access to affordable higher education.

Measure T will upgrade Hartnell College classrooms, labs, technology and facilities, and expand access to training programs that teach modern career skills.

Measure T will:

  • Add classrooms and labs for better job training, higher literacy rates and skilled workforce
  • Improve student access to computers and modern technology
  • Improve nursing and skilled healthcare training
  • Expand access to agriculture, engineering, math, science and technology labs
  • Provide space for universities to offer four-year bachelor’s degrees in Salinas
  • Expand facilities serving military veterans
  • Renovate outdated classrooms and labs
  • Improve health, safety, energy efficiency, and handicapped accessibility

Measure T Requires Strict Fiscal Accountability:

  • Every penny of Measure T will benefit Hartnell College
  • Funds cannot be taken by the State
  • Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual audits are required
  • Funds cannot be used on salaries or benefits

Vote Yes on Measure T – so Hartnell College can continue serving our community for decades to come.



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Paid for by Yes on Measure T - Committee for the Future of Hartnell College with major funding by Hartnell College Foundation.

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