Frequently Asked Questions About
Measure T in Monterey County

How does Hartnell College serve our community?

Hartnell College is a vital part of our community. It provides an accessible, quality higher education throughout the Salinas Valley. Excellent college programs benefit the local economy, providing the training for a skilled workforce and the education the people of the Salinas Valley need for better paying jobs.

What facility upgrades are needed to continue supporting quality education?

Outdated and aging educational facilities need to be upgraded to meet the growing demand for science, technology, engineering and math education. By providing new classrooms, science labs, and learning technology, we ensure our students are prepared for 21st century success. In addition, we need to improve nursing facilities and programs to better prepare skilled healthcare workers. To continue providing workforce training, we need to add and expand classrooms and labs on the Main Campus in Salinas, at the Alisal Campus in East Salinas, in South Monterey County and in North Monterey County to improve job skills, language literacy and digital literacy to prepare students for 21st century jobs.

What projects will Measure T accomplish?

Funding from Measure T will:

  • Expand access to local higher education on the Main Campus in Salinas, at the Alisal Campus in East Salinas, in South Monterey County and in North Monterey County
  • Add classrooms and labs for better paying job training, a skilled workforce and higher
    literacy rates
  • Improve student access to computers and modern technology
  • Improve nursing and skilled healthcare facilities and programs
  • Expand access to agriculture, science, technology, engineering and math labs throughout
    the district
  • Provide space for universities to offer four-year bachelor’s degrees at Hartnell
  • Expand facilities for serving military veterans
  • Renovate and modernize outdated and aging classrooms, labs and student support facilities
  • Make health, safety and handicapped accessibility improvements
  • Make energy efficiency and sustainability improvements (e.g. solar energy, water conservation)

How will local residents benefit from Measure T?

By improving access to higher education, Hartnell College can help the people of the Salinas Valley earn associate degrees, certificates and four-year degrees to obtain better paying jobs. It is important to improve access to affordable community college, job training programs and quality college facilities in our areas because only 60% of Salinas Valley residents over the age of 25 have earned a high school diploma and only 5-7% of our local Latino population has attained a four-year-degree or higher.

Can funding from Measure T be taken away by the State?

No, all funds generated by Measure T will go straight to Hartnell College – the State cannot take away a single penny.

How can I be sure funds from Measure T would be spent wisely?

Measure T would require fiscal accountability provisions including:

  • Every penny raised by a potential measure would be spent right here in the Salinas Valley to improve our local college – no funds could be taken by the State
  • By law, no funds could be used for administrators’ salaries
  • Independent citizens’ oversight, annual audits and public reports would be required

Will Measure T help Hartnell College qualify for state matching funds?

Yes, if Measure T passes, Hartnell College can apply for state matching funds that would otherwise go to other communities.

How can I vote for Measure T?

Measure T will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot. All registered voters within the Hartnell Community College District will be eligible to vote on the measure. In order to pass, Measure T must be supported by 55% of those who vote.



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