Get Involved With Measure T in Monterey County

Students and teachers in a meeting.The campaign to pass Measure T is a community-based volunteer effort. The measure needs 55% support from voters in order to win. That is why we count on people like to you to volunteer and give a few hours of your time to this important campaign.

By contacting Salinas Valley voters directly, we can convey the critical importance of Measure T and answer any questions voters may have. We can’t win without many volunteers participating in these important campaign activities.

Please take a moment to sign up and get involved today!



Colorful logo for Yes on Measure T.
Students walking in front of the student center.
Colorful logo for Yes on Measure T - Growing Future Leaders, Hartnell College.

Paid for by Yes on Measure T - Committee for the Future of Hartnell College with major funding by Hartnell College Foundation.

1172 S. Main St. #214
Salinas, CA 93901